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Noise is Noise. It's crash and clatter and it usually adds up to one big mash of sound and thought and picture and half the time it's impossible to make any sense of it at all. It's what's true and what's imagined and what's fantasized and it says one thing and a completely opposite thing at the same time and even tho the truth is definitely in there, how can you tell what's true and what's not when yer getting everything?

Bit like Tumblr, really.
I'm Laura.
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@Patrick_Ness: Okay, people, seriously:

Dogs in stories = not real dogs (x)

@aceachilleus: i see your point but also:

pain in stories = real life pain (x)

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Just found this picture we took of a package sent to the office for Patrick Ness a while back. Noise drawn all over it. AMAZING!


I finally got around to reading the Chaos Walking short stories and it was probably the second worst decision of my life. The absolute worst decision of my life was reading those damn books in the first place.

I cannot handle this damn series.

The crocs took his left ear and a long strip of flesh with it going right down his left cheek. You can see his teeth through the gash and its causing his left eye to bulge forward like his head’s been caught in mid-explosion. There are other gashes on his chin and neck and his clothes are torn and there’s blood practically everywhere and I can even see a croc tooth sticking out of a fleshy tear on his shoulder.
description of aaron - page seventy seven / the knife of never letting go (via theknifeofneverlettinggo)


Chaos Walking is the most interesting and amazing book I’ve ever read. It changed my life sooo heavily! Manchee is very cute… Planing to draw much more art for this.
P. s. Suggesting everyone to read Patrick Ness’s books))


ok so you know the line “I think maybe everybody falls,I think maybe we all do. And I don’t think that’s the asking. I think the asking is whether we get back up again.”
well i just realised that that’s why the second book is called the Ask and the Answer not only because of the organisation “the Answer” but it’s about how the two of them fall (especially Todd who reaches like the lowest of the low in the 2nd book) and then how even though he becomes a terrible person he still tries to redeem himself later on and to make up for his mistakes and its also the same with Viola 

And its hair ain’t long. Her hair. Her hair ain’t long. And she ain’t wearing no dress, she’s wearing clothes that look like way newer versions of mine, so new they’re almost like a uniform, even tho they’re torn and muddy, and she ain’t that small, she’s my size, just, by the looks of her, and she sure as all that’s unholy not smiley.
No, not smiley at all.

page sixty-nine, The Knife of Never Letting Go

Our first description of Viola

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You know, this current drama in the tag, it’s a real shame people are bashing one another for their personal headcanons. One of the best parts about the series is that there is little to no description about each character - it’s leaving you room for your own imagination, so why do y’all gotta take a shit on others? 


Do people really get arsey over what characters look like?

Apparently. I never see it! Or understand it…


i go into the chaos walking tag every once in a while just to see what’s up and when there are people talking about how they’re about to start them i just go back to my dash and laugh to myself for like 8 minutes straight


Davy Prentiss, love him , hate him, so far in the Chaos Walking series, Davy is the most complicated character. Thank you Patrick Ness for giving Todd a friend for the time Viola was gone, even if he was a little rough at times. Thank you for letting him love Todd, until the end.


a fan of Davy Prentiss

I know what a girl is. Course I do. I seen ‘em in the Noise of their fathers in town, mourned like their wives but not nearly so often. I seen ‘em in vids, too. Girls are small and polite and smiley. They wear dresses and their hair is long and it’s pulled into shapes behind their heads or on either side. They do all the inside-the-house chores, while boys do all the outside. They reach womanhood when they turn thirteen, just like boys reach manhood, and then they’re women and they become wives.

page sixty-eight of The Knife of Never Letting Go

And Noise women have lighter hair and biggest chest and wear less clothes and are a lot freer with their affecshuns than in the vids, too. So the thing to remember, the thing that’s most important of all that I might say in this here telling of things is that Noise ain’t truth, Noise is what men want to be true.

page twenty-two to twenty-three 

Theeeese are an interesting view into Prentisstown society and the gender roles that existed, and also into Todd’s perception of women

In regards to the first quote, of course we can’t be sure if things did happen this way or if this just how the men like to think about it - as Todd talks about earlier in the second quote - but if we do take it to be somewhat true then woweeeee the gender roles were strict plus wow they became wives at 13??

Jessica what kinda town rife with child brides were you running hMMmM??

And if it didn’t happen like that, well then evidently we can see how Todd grew up surrounded by heavily warped perceptions of women - both wives and daughters. He was literally constantly bombarded with sexist and distorted images, even more so than men in our society do.

In our society stuff like this leads to men holding sexist beliefs that they have to work to unlearn, which Todd had to do to, but I also feel as if, at least for women but less so for daughters, he quickly realised that men’s views were skewed and that women weren’t really like that, which is really important imo. Like, Todd thinks critically about the images he’s been shown and compares the two different sources and concludes that women weren’t like what men think and that men lie.

Idk obvs I’m not gonna applaud a guy for not being sexist bc that’s like basic level human decency, but I think it’s p cool that Todd hasn’t completely, blindly accepted what the town has presented to him, that he does think critically and analyses information to some extent.

And when Todd meets Viola and realises she’s a girl, a girl who doesn’t line up with the image of a girl he’s been given, well he accepts that

"She don’t look like the girls I seen in vids or in Noise and I never seen no girl in the flesh but there she is, she’s a girl and that’s that."

page sixty-nine

I mean he does go on about her not having Noise but he quickly sees that what he’s been told about girls is wrong and revises that and accepts the truth which is p noice

yh idk I just liked how perceptive and accepting Todd was here

and ugh like srsly Todd has never even met a girl before and isn’t sexist towards her yet boys today will grow up surrounded by them and are complete assholes rolling my eyes so much.

mmm i expect Ben and Cillian helped here too

These quotes also show the extent of the men’s sexism, if these were the views they held of their own wives and daughters..well idk but kinda makes it easier to imagine them killing them all

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haven’t drawn Davy in forever so here’s this


Hey let me tell you a thing about how people perceive the appearance of a fictional character. Let me explain to you something that is very easy to understand.

Fictional characters, no matter how much we wish and dream, are just that: fictional.

They have no set in stone appearances unless confirmed and written by the author. So in Chaos Walking, there is NO need to argue about what the characters look like. Let me repeat myself. There is NO NEED to argue about what these characters look like.

They look different  to everyone because everyone imagined the character differently while reading it. And because Patrick Ness is amazing and brilliant, he choose to describe his characters with little information about their physical appearance. Yet, you still get an extensive view on who that character is, which just attests to the unnecessary obsession over looks.

So you may picture a black Viola, or a blond Todd. And no one should question you because it really doesn’t matter. That is why I love these books. Because you can imagine the character any way you want without the confines of a detailed physical appearance. That is why Chaos Walking is, to this day, one of the best series I’ve ever read.


You know, this current drama in the tag, it’s a real shame people are bashing one another for their personal headcanons. One of the best parts about the series is that there is little to no description about each character - it’s leaving you room for your own imagination, so why do y’all gotta take a shit on others? 



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